What to do Wordpress Plugins Not Updating Automatically? Here are the ways:

Wordpress offers great resources to publish a story of a respectable person, brand, books, products and much more. At the present time, most of the users are using this website on their organization in order to speed up the business for a long time. Wordpress is quite easy to use and install on various devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows laptop and much more.

Most of the time when Wordpress does not work fine then the users can go for the update procedure that fixes the issue and update the plugins automatically. But if plugins are not updating then you must contact techies by making a call at Wordpress technical support number that is available at all the time to access tech support engineer who gets the issue fixed in no time.

Here are the ways to fix the issue when Wordpress plugins not updating automatically:

· First of all, go to the Wordpress website and then go to the settings.

· Select the automatic plugin update page and then click on the configure option.

· Click on the enable button and start the configuration mode for the automatic updates for everything in the Wordpress software.

· Click on the new button and then add the new plugins and then click on the OK button.

· Having done the procedure you can click on the save change button at end of the procedure at the end of the procedure.

If you want any other issue and immediate need assistance then you can make a call at Wordpress customer service number that is available at all the time in terms of offering a legitimate solution to fix the issue in the short span of the time.

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