How To Sync Google Contacts on iPhone ?

Google contacts always exist in the Google account after adding them from a mobile phone. Google account is a user-friendly service which is why the user can install and use it on various mobile devices like Android and iPhone. If you are one of the users having Google account on your iPhone device even then you can do all the possible work that you generally do on an android device. So this is all implies that Google is quite a user-friendly service in order to use by the users at any time.

You can Sync Google contacts on your iPhone device with ease then it does not matter you have to do something different logically fact to use Google contacts to Sync. Rather the concept is pretty clear as the same you used to do on your personal Android device. However, if you are not able to sync Google contacts on your iPhone device, you need to contact tech support representatives who are available on their office to offer a relevant tutorial to Sync Google contacts in no time.

Below mentioned tutorials are quite important to learn on how to sync Google contacts on an iPhone:

  • Turn on your iPhone device and go to the settings to select Mail, Contact, and Calendar.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and press Add Account on the next screen and select Google.
  • Now you enter your full name, full Google account email address and enter the description now.
  • Press the Next button and tap on the continue button and move to the next option.
  • If you have new contact then you can save a new contact to an account on your phone, but you can see, there is a default account to make the addition of new contacts quicker and easier than always selecting the account manually.
  • Tap on the contact button and press the Sync button at the end of the procedure.

It is hoped that now you are able to check Google contacts on your iPhone device easily. But if there is another issue making you majorly disturbed you are always active to make a call at Google customer service number that is available at all the time in order to get the issue fixed in a jiffy. So if you are not able to handle your iPhone device then you can make a call on above-mentioned phone number is more convenient and helpful.

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