How do I recover my old Yahoo account?

Recover your old Yahoo email account with these simple steps!

Emailing is a prominent method of communication among professionals. That's why Yahoo provides you the facility to manage your emails by creating a Yahoo account. There are times when users forget their Yahoo email account passwords and can't access their accounts. If you also face the issue of "How do I recover my old Yahoo email account?" you have landed on the right page. Here, you can find different methods to recover your old Yahoo email account.

How can I recover my old Yahoo email account?

Yahoo provides you with different ways to gain access to your account. Below are the instructions for each method that can help you.

Method 1: Recovery Phone number

  • You need to get to the sign-in page of the Yahoo email account.
  • Enter the email ID/Address you want to recover and hit the Forgotten Password link.
  • You will get on the Yahoo password recovery page.
  • Choose the Recovery via phone option if you have set a recovery phone number.
  • Click on the Send Code button and enter the code in the given space on your screen.

Once the verification is complete, you can reset the password for your Yahoo account and log in using the new password.

Method 2: Recovery Email

The recovery email is similar to the recovery phone number method. But here, you have to create the Recovery Email option to get the verification code. Once you receive the code from the given email address, copy it and paste it into the required area. Now, you can reset the password and get back to your old Yahoo email account.

Method 3: Security Question

  • For this, you need to get on the recovery page of your Yahoo account.
  • You have to click on the Try another method link to get the Security Question option.
  • Choose the option and answer the question asked on the screen.
  • Once your answer matches the saved data, you can reset your password and use the Yahoo account like before.

So, these are the simple methods that can help you recover your old Yahoo email. Are you still worrying about How do I recover my old Yahoo account? You can contact the customer service of Yahoo and talk to a live person. Customer support will help you recover your Yahoo account by asking for some details of your yahoo account.

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