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How to configure D-Link router?

D-Link router is the widely used router for internet access which is easy to configure and update. Users have registered problem in the first-time setup and in this article one can get the setup steps. D-Link is very useful as it is a secured device for internet access and with easy customization options.

For the issues faced with the router it is advisable to contact D-Link router technical support team. If the steps mentioned in this article is not solving the setup issue then surely consult with the support experts for assistance.

Here are the steps to setup the router –

  • First user need to connect to the hardware. For that unplug the modem and obtain the Ether cables for setup.
  • Next connect the modem to the WAN port of the router and also connect one of the LAN ports to the PCs Ethernet port.
  • Switch on the modem and wait for some time for the modem boot up. Also switch on the router and the PC.
  • Now to access the router open a web page on the computer and enter ‘’ in the address bar.
  • Enter ‘User Name’ as ‘admin’ and leave the ‘Password’ field blank.
  • To perform first time setup click on ‘Setup Wizard’.
  • Next click on the button ‘Launch Internet Connection Setup Wizard’. Click on ‘Next’ to move further
  • Next create an administrator password and set the timezone. Also select the internet connection type as ‘DHCP Connection’.
  • Select ‘Clone Your PC MAC Address’ and click on ‘Connect’ to save the settings. Router may take minute or two for reboot.
  • Test the connection by loading web pages in the web browser.
  • Next create a wireless network and for that login to the administrator account.
  • Click on ‘Setup’ tab and then ‘Wireless Settings’. Also check the box for ‘Enable Wireless’.
  • Enter a name for the network and select ‘WPA2’ as the ‘Security Mode’.
  • Create a strong password and click on ‘Save Settings’.

Contact D-link router tech support and ask for assistance in case of any problem in the configuration and updation. Any type of router setup issue is diagnosed remotely and then instant assistance is provided. Have clear discussion with the support team and quick fix the problem.

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