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HP printer is not printing?

Hp printers are widely used by millions of users for different purpose. The quality standards of HP printers are so high and they meet the user's requirements easily. The printers are easy to connect with in any network and with internet network wired or wireless. Some times HP printer users may find problem in printing. It may happens that suddenly printer stops printing. So what can be the reasons and possible solutions. This issue is discussed here briefly.

  1. When printer is not printing anything, first of all check all the connections. The cables should be connected properly and the power must be ON.
  2. If user is trying to print from internet, check weather the network is same or not and the internet connection must be consistent.
  3. If user is not getting any error message an still printer is not printing then try to check weather the drivers are updated or not or they may be corrupted. If so then update them or install new drivers.
  4. If this doesn't resolve the issue then open the online troubleshooting manual and try to find any solution.
Generally, this can resolve the problem but still if user is facing problem then he can ask for the HP Printer Technical Support. This tech support is all the time available. User can either call and talk to any expert executive or he can email his issue to the technical support team.

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