Roadrunner web mailing service is the free web mailing service that comes with the subscription of the TIME WARNER CABLE. So a person would get the roadrunner web mailing facility only when he has a time warner cable connection, because the email address of the roadrunner comes after setting up a time warner cable account.

So setting up a roadrunner is a simple proces like setting up other mailing accounts, but the problem comes with the process when you wants to configure it in iphone. So in order to resolve this problem you need to go through the following process:-

At the first instance you need to go for the SETTINGS option

Go for selecting calender, contacts, mail then you have to select the option saying add account

then under that option click on OTHER

then tap on add mail account and then enter the personal details like name address and password then just tap the next button, then just go for selecting the pop and the incoming mail server followed by the outgoing mail server then you just need to enter your user name and password the just save the process by pressing save button.

This process is all dedicated to configure the iphone properly but in case any issue occur you can reach the technical team from the company by contacting them on Roadrunner Email Technical Support.

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