How To Reset Hotmail Password

Are you a Hotmail user struggling with password reset problems? If yes, then you are not alone as many users are facing such technical glitches. A password reset procedure, however, is not tough and can be followed by anyone who intends to fix this problem. However if you are in search of a reliable Hotmail password reset support, then it is pretty much simple to avail this online support.

Reset Hotmail Password Without Secret Question?

Surprisingly, maximum number of users shows inability in resetting their password properly. Users who are bereft of the confidence to regain their password due to not having access to their alternate email can take help from the below steps:-

  • Visit
  • now click on the option “forgotten my password
  • now you will see three options
  • choose the option named “I’ve forgotten my password
  • after that click on the Next button
  • now you are required to type your phone number and fill in the CAPTCHA code
  • Next you require to click on Next button
  • Now you will see a message like this “we need to verify your identity
  • after that make sure to choose the phone number option out of the three options
  • now type the last 4 digits of your mobile number in order to get a code in your mobile
  • once you get the code, you will have to type it in the web-page for verification
  • once your code is validated, you will see a new page with an option to reset your password
  • here you need to type your password for two times and then you need to hit the confirmation button
  • Now you have completed the process to reset your password

In this way, anybody can go for a Hotmail password reset procedure by applying these steps and know as to how to reset Hotmail password without secret answer in an easy manner.

How To Reset Hotmail Password in iPhone?

Likewise, iPhone users are also under clutches of this problem and look for an apposite method to reset their password on iPhone. Here are the ways through which you can perform this procedure:-

  • go to
  • sign into your account
  • Choose the gear like symbol from the upper right side
  • Now choose the option more mail settings
  • choose your account details
  • Go to the section named Password and Security Info
  • now choose the change password link

So, this would be an easy process for the ones who are struggling hard with their Hotmail password reset problems as they better know how to rest Hotmail password on iPhone through the steps explained above. Once you get acquainted with these steps, it will be much easy for you to reset your password on iphone.

However if these steps are not worth-comprehending to you, then our technical support representatives will guide you in the best manner. Hence do not waver your confidence under these challenging times as you can contact our valuable Hotmail pasword reset support right-away and regain your mental peace.

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