How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Is your Facebook account being hacked, and you're looking for information on How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account? If somebody has hacked your Facebook account and altered your login info, you should be concerned since you will no longer be able to access it. At the same time Facebook users are encouraged not to be worried too much when something similar has happens as this problem may be resolved by following a few easy steps for recover hacked Facebook account. In the section below, you'll find out more information on how to recover hacked Facebook account.

Learn the Steps to Recover your Hacked Facebook Account?

Occasionally, Facebook users discover that their account has been hacked by an unknown individual who is attempting to misuse their information, and they must act quickly to avoid this. A person can recover a hacked Facebook account by using their registered data, such as their phone number or email ID/address. Those who want to understand how to recover hacked Facebook account can follow the steps listed below.

  • First and foremost, go to Facebook website and select the Forgot Password option
  • In the following page, you can start the recovery process for your hacked account
  • Then select between your phone number or an email address to proceed towards the account recovery
  • After which, you have to provide your registered phone number or email address in the given field
  • Then, on the following screen, a security question which you have sent earlier will appear
  • Afterwards, you must respond correctly to give the answer for your security question
  • Thereafter, when you submit the correct response, Facebook will validate your account
  • After that, Facebook will send you a code in selected recovery data among phone number or email
  • Then input the code in the relevant area on the Facebook recovery page
  • After which, a password reset screen will display as soon as you provide your code in assigned field
  • Then, by entering a unique alphanumeric code twice in appropriate sections, you may establish a new password for your Facebook account
  • Finally, you can recover your compromised account by using the new password you established lately for your Facebook account

You may use the information above to figure out how to recover access to your hacked Facebook account by recovering it. Furthermore, if you are still unable to recover your account after it has been hacked by someone, you can contact a technical representative from Facebook customer service team. You can receive the needed support from the technical specialist to properly restore your hacked account.

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