How do I set up Telus webmail to Outlook ?

How to forward Telus email to Outlook mail ?

By the demand of digital world Telus Email is involved in providing the necessary elements of telecommunication world. Most of the people ask for the most commonly asked query i.e. how to forward telus email to outlook mail. Although it has many easy procedure but only few experts are able to describe the whole situation. Internet access services videos, health care, entertainment and many other also are the most important services of Telus Email. Most of the people are newly joining the features of telus email therefore most of the time they face many different problems. We are completely prepared by establing the company of tech support where Telus Email Technical Support officers provide basic and even complicated solution of email services.
Methods to forward Telus email to Outlook mail:
  • To setup email account to MS outlook, just from the start menu click on MS office outlook.
  • Now you have to see on the top on Task bar, and click on the tools and then click on Email account.
  • The email account window is displayed. Select Add a new email account.
  • Hit the Next and select IMAP and again hit Next option.
  • Here again you need to fill some information like your name and email address.
  • Now enter your email account password and incoming mail server.
  • Check the Remember password check box.
  • Under the advanced tab, edit Outgoing server.
  • Hit the OK and then Next and then Finish option.
  • Now your telus email account associated with the Outlook.
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